Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shoot for the (Circus of the) Stars

I would honestly be okay with Glee just being a weekly hourlong show where the actors sing song after song without any storyline. You could even bring on special guest stars to sing with the Glee cast.

This brings me back to wishing that Circus of the Stars still came on. I vividly remember watching this after the Garfield Christmas Special. Brooke Shields, Mario Lopez, Jo from The Facts of Life...all braving the big top to entertain. Am I the only one who remembers this? I loved it.

Who would you cast for the roles on Circus of the Stars?
-Lion Tamer
-Tight Rope Walker
-Trapeze Artist
-Seal Wrangler
-Human Rocket
-Dog Trainer
-Glass Walker

I've got my thoughts...what do you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's that you say, Reba?

I've always prided (is that a word?) myself in the fact that I know lyrics of songs. I'm pretty good at it and I might be good at Don't Forget the Lyrics but I'd never be chosen just because that's the way life goes. Country music is another story for me. It's not even that I don't know the's that I don't get the lyrics. There are quite a few songs that I've realized lately I just haven't understood. The most lyrically mystic is a certain Ms. Reba McEntire, the red-head herself. Below is a chat between friends concerning two of Ms. McEntire's finest.

(Please forgive me for the lack of capitalization and punctuation. This is how we do.)

Sarah: moon

Erin: yes?

Erin: hang on. i gotta get some tea before my throat explodes

Sarah: i've listened to Reba's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" for the majority of my life and I still don't think I have the story down

Erin: wait what?

Erin: how?

Erin: ?

Sarah: i can't remember from the beginning to the end who the characters are

Sarah: i always thought it was that Enos' boy Seth who was killed at the end

Sarah: but apparently it was Andy, the friend at the bar

Sarah: i'm going to write a blog about it

Sarah: trying to work out the confusion that maybe others feel but have been too ashamed to admit

Sarah: (i put toot ashamed at first)

Erin: TOOT!!!

9:20 AM

Sarah: go get your tea

Erin: i already did

Sarah: enos boy?

Sarah: so quick

Sarah: isn't that what it says?

Erin: amos

Erin: amos boy

Sarah: amos boy seth?

Erin: his name is seth amos

Sarah: oh

Erin: LOL

Erin: this is great

Sarah: ok, so brother's been away, right?

Sarah: he stops by webbs to have a beer before he goes home to his wife.

Erin: right

Sarah: he meets his friend andy who tells him that his wife has been with seth amos

Erin: andy tells him that his wife's been seeing seth and andy has ALSO been with her.

Sarah: ok, so andy loses bro as a friend

Erin: right.

Erin: bro goes and gets his shotgun and goes to andy's house (is that right?)


Erin: andy is dead (tracks too small for andy to make)

Erin: bros mistake was firing the shot just to flag them down

Erin: (georgia patrol)

Erin: then brother gets hung.

Erin: (in a dirty trial)

Erin: and reba was the one that killed andy

Erin: and also brothers cheating wife

Erin: you see?

9:25 AM

Erin: she delivers the punch (little sister don't miss when she aims her gun) or something

Erin: have i lost you?

Sarah: phone

Sarah: let's read the lyrics

Erin: you tell that person we are discussing IMPORTANT THINGS.

Sarah: yeah, customs and duties for an australian shipment

Erin: d-d-d-d-dang!

Sarah: right?

Erin: do you get it now?

Sarah: i used to think that the judge in the town had love stains on his hands

Sarah: how did the sister know?

Erin: i was always confused about 'Fancy' until I learned about prositution.

Sarah: reba is not afraid

Erin: i thought it was Glove Stains until i figured it out.

Erin: it doesn't matter how she knew.

Sarah: it's blood stains right?

Erin: yes.

Erin: i assume.

Erin: i can't imagine it would be anything else.

Sarah: and i guess he had been with her too?

Sarah: the judge?

9:30 AM

Erin: was there a video for this song?

Sarah: there was

Erin: maybe that will help.

Sarah: i don't think so

9:35 AM

Sarah: i've seen the video

Erin: would it help if i wrote it out as a short story?

Sarah: i just don't understand how reba knew

Sarah: yes

Erin: i'll do it. for you.

Sarah: are you doing this now?

Erin: not right now. but i will.

9:40 AM

Sarah: this won't be like the andy roddick story, will it?

Erin: ugh

Sarah: remember?

Erin: UGH

Sarah: fancy confused me too

Sarah: i thought she was getting adopted

Erin: hahahahaha

Erin: in a sense...

Sarah: yeah

Sarah: then i thought she was his maid

Sarah: is she still in the biz?

Erin: who?

Sarah: fancy

Erin: no. she got out.

Sarah: oh

Sarah: how did she make her money?

Sarah: that was quite the business suit she had on

Sarah: maybe she's the madam

9:45 AM

Erin: yeah i think she became a madam.

Sarah: so she still is in the biz

Erin: right but she's a lady

Sarah: ahahaha....she moved up in the business

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life in Technicolor

When I look at photos from the early 20th century, I see black and white images of people who look totally different from you and me. The Library of Congress has decided to shed some color on the early 1900s with a Flickr account. I saw these on today and decided to share some with you.

Don't they look fake, like they dressed modern day people up?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lady WaWa? (Walken does Poker Face)

By the way, this comes from Friday Night with Johnathan Ross on BBC America, which I DVR each week. You maybe should check it out.