Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Some of you were asking for a pic of the nose piercing. Here is one that Drew took in the place I got it pierced...I'm so hard core

PS...I'm still alive in Africa, I'll post more when I get back I promise...I know you've missed me

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August Air

For your listening pleasure:

Thunder - Boys Like Girls
Voices Carry - 'Til Tuesday
Meet You There - Augustana
Old Enough - The Raconteurs
Empty House - Paper Route
The Water - Trent Dabbs
Save Your Best - Steve Reynolds
You Are Goodbye - Holly Conlan
We Could Run Away - Needtobreathe
In Your Atmosphere (Live) - John Mayer
I Know You Won't - Carrie Underwood
Brown Eyes - Andy Davis
The Bayonet and the Cigarette - K.S. Rhoads


"Tony Stewart was fined $10,000 for what the U.S. Auto Club deemed unsportsmanlike conduct during a midget race last week at O’Reilly Raceway Park."

Uhm, shouldn't the U.S. Auto Club be fined for holding a midget race?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Would-Be Amazing Race Contestants Talking About Animal Videos

Sarah: I have seen two videos in the past week of kangaroos versus humans. So weird!
Erin: I don't like videos of animals
Sarah: Do you hate animals?
Erin: No. Just videos of them.
Erin: Unless they are puppies. Then I like it.
Sarah: What about monkeys that stick their fingers in their rears then smell them then fall off a tree branch?
Erin: I don't like that. It's not a puppy.
Sarah: Right, because it's a monkey. So. only puppies?
Erin: Yeah.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Congrats to the Cog on her first Nashville celeb sighting. She saw Keith Urban at her favorite lunch joint Friday.

The Sarah Show

If you've been around me for any amount of time you may know that I have an idea that I am on a reality show that I don't know about. I'm thinking it's something like The Truman Show. Here are some of the reasons. I think you'll find them justifiable.
1. People in Nashville stare more than any places I've lived. It's a strange phenomenon. I think it's because there are lots of semi-famous here so we're all trying to find out who you are.
2. At the Apple Store Monday, the guy checking me out (with one of their awesome portable credit card machines) and as he ran my card, the machine made a beeping noise. Dude begins to do the robot. Now if you've been in The Apple Store you know that it is almost always busy. As he began the dance I just kind of smiled and thought, "Get me the hell out of here!" However, I have to act accordingly because, as you know, I could be on a reality show.
3. All of you people are just slick enough to pull it off.
4. I LOVE PUBLIX. It is truly a delight to shop there. Their people are friendly. Their prices are good. Their stores are nice. Today while I was leaving the produce section, one of the friendly Publix employees says in all sincerity, "G'day mi'lady!" and bowed. Now, if you ever go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon you know that this is busy time. It was packed and I've got this guy bowing to me.
5. I thought I spotted cameras outside my office window pointed at me. It turns out it wasn't.

These are just a few reasons. If it's true, you're all good actors. You've had me fooled for a long time, but I'm on to you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go ahead and laugh.

This is the first movie that I have laughed at just looking at the promo photos and movie posters.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I told you people...

I've been telling people for years that I'm allergic to my endorphines.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How I do

This is how I case you wondered.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Epidemic Again

So the men of Nashville have decided to get vaccinated from the awful pandemic that ran all across this city last summer...shirtphobia. Don't get me wrong, it's not completely erradicated but it seems to be somewhat under control. Don't be afraid to honk or yell or take a picture if you see one out with this disease, it's for their own good.

However, the strange occurance that I believe I blogged about last summer besides shirtphobia 2007 was the random shoes on Old Hickory Boulevard. I've seen 4 or 5 random shoes strewn about on this busy road in the past 2 weeks. Flip flops, oxfords, name it OHB has it.

On a much better note, if you haven't heard Paper Route your ears are missing out. I can't stop listening to their two EPs (WHY CAN'T YOU PUT OUT A WHOLE CD OF GOODNESS????) and I think you should run, not walk to iTunes and buy both. Your ears and your friend Sarah will thank you.

(No shirtless men were harmed or injured in the writing of this blog. However, shoeless people may have been. Paid for by Paper Route or one of their fans.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Forget Engaged Boy and Bathroom Boy

I have a new crush. His name is can call him Wall-E.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My childhood is back. If you read a previous blog, this may perplex you. 

Right now, I am watching Family Matters on Nickelodeon and eating a Minute Maid Frozen Juice Bar, purple flavor (thank you very much.) Somehow I think Urkel is going to help teach the bad cousin Clarence some lessons. It can't get much worse, Carl said Clarence took 5 suitcases from the airport and only 2 were his!  Whoa! Cuz smokes. This must be a very special Family Matters.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

R.I.P. Bozo

As a child, I loved to wake up and turn to channel 9 (WGN) to watch Bozo the Clown. Bozo and his friend Cookie (also a clown) would show us various hi-jinks (I'm pretty sure I hated Cookie and ran to the kitchen when it was his segment. Bozo was where it was at.) Who can forget the Grand Prize Game? I certainly can't. I remember they won a Huffee bike if they won it all. I think there was some sort of consolation prize of some Chicago-brand cookies if you didn't win. Ah, memories.

I say this to break the news that Bozo is dead. Not the concept of Bozo...the actual guy who played Bozo. After a crappy mood day, I didn't need this news.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Fries

Southern Girl - Amos Lee
Listen - Amos Lee
Come on Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
Car Crash - Matt Nathanson
Death and All His Friends - Coldplay
Last Name - Carrie Underwood
Try Me - Marc Broussard
Let It Go - Gavin Degraw
Little Bird - The Weepies
Mouthwash - Kate Nash
Life is Short - Butterfly Boucher
Someone LIke You - Safety Suit
The One I Love - David Gray
Sinking Wishes - Matthew Perryman Jones
Charlie Chaplin - Katie Herzig
Justice - Josh Kelley
Don't Make Me A Target - Spoon
Who We Are - Andrew Smith
Long Road to Ruin - Foo Fighters
More Time - Needtobreathe
Beating My Heart - Jon McLaughlin

The Lady, The Myth, The Balance Machine

I want to thank the 2 people who so warmly welcomed me to the TWSS team.  I feel honored to be a part while the Berge is gone, and I will try to do the blog justice in her stead.  I will, however, opt for better punctuation and sentence structure.  :)

My husband, who I refer to as The Bean, and I broke down last week and bought Wii Fit.  Stop snickering.  Stop it.  If you are unfamiliar with Wii Fit, it is basically a white board that you place in front of your TV and you...exercise  I know this sounds ridiculous.  Why wouldn't you go outside, Erin?  Why wouldn't you go to the gym, for goodness sake?  Well, Birmingham is in a constant state of ozone alert thanks to years of factories pumping God knows what into the air.  So, as much as I want emphysema, I'll pass on the outside for now.  And we just froze our gym membership for this month, so the Wii Fit is looking pretty good.  

So I look like an idiot on this thing.  I am FAR too insecure to actually post a picture, but you can imagine what a slightly chubby, rather uncoordinated 25 year old looks like on a white board in the middle of her living room.  A lot of the Wii Fit exercises focus on balance, and during the exercise, it tracks your balance, so you will know if you are doing the exercises properly.  Well, guess what I've been doing for the past ten years?  EVERY EXERCISE WRONG!  No wonder!  It is literally changing my life.  There is yoga (or Yo-God, if yoga offends you), there are strength exercises, balance games, aerobics, a hula hoop game, running, the works!  And it tracks your time and lets you compete with everyone else in the house, which I love.  I don't want to play with you if you aren't gonna be competitive.  Right, Jana K?

I will be interested to see what kind of progress I make with Wii Fit.  In the world of Wii, there are things called Mii's, which is your representative inside the system.  In Wii Fit, they very kindly transform your Mii based on your weight and BMI.  So every morning I can be humiliated by a cartoon character version of myself, tubbing around despondently.  It also gives you your Wii Fit Age.  This makes me so nervous.  I have taken several "real age" tests and it creates extreme anxiety within me.  I am already struggling with the fact that I am 25 in actual age, so you can imagine my sheer terror as a happy, Japanese voice informed me that my Wii Fit Age was...42.  This is six years younger than my mother.  And can I tell what that did to me emotionally?  It got my butt on the Wii Fit the next morning, that's for dang sure.  42?! Apparently, raw cookie dough from the tube and frozen Bagel Bites DO NOT keep you young and fresh.  They apparently age you so that you could be your mother's (barely) younger sister.  Who knew?

Either way, I've been on that Wii Fit everyday.  You better believe it.

Until I get that number back down to a 30 (AT LEAST!), enjoy this video that mocks my quest for fitness on a little white board.

For the Third Time in History

While the Berge is away, you may have noticed that the blog has been lacking in post amounts, and let's face it, quality. It's hard running 2 blogs and a Facebook page! Come on people!

So enter our 3rd guest blogger in history...Erin "The Hicks" Moon

In the upcoming days, you'll be privileged to view her points of view and opinions about anything and everything. Let's welcome her to the fold.