Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I think in order for this to happen I will just marry into an Italian family...bring on the heritage
I am not really sure how Ber is expecting this to happen...sorry, Berge.

I totally and unabashedly wish that my family was more ethnic. I love watching movies and tv shows set in Boston or New York with very Italian or Irish families. That fascinates me. It feels like those people have some sort of comraderie that we mutts don't have.

Thus, I declare that my family will henceforth speak with Irish accents or thick New England accents. I will need all last names to be changed to McXXXXXXX or MacXXXXXXX. We will all now be members of the Irish Catholic Church. And our allegiance will be to the Red Sox and all other Boston teams. I want my children to know what it feels like and what I missed. What a crock being a McDonnell has been without the rest of it. I'm going to be talking to Bob and Kay about this very soon.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well, it finally happened. Berge convinced me to do a duel blog with her. She talked for a year or two about the podcast...we never could really figure out how to make a podcast happen; thus, it never happened. So here we are. Hopefully this will be something interesting for our friends to read.

The reason this could be a great idea is clearly seen everyday. Amber and I iChat throughout the day. I'm convinced that we should have been saving our convos from the get-go. A lot of them are humorous. Often they are fueled by a misunderstanding, mostly on my side, of what Amber means by something.

The first one of these I can remember is when Ber mentioned that she wanted to see the movie Tsetsi. She spelled it as Tootsie. Obviously I decided she was discussing the movie starring Dustin Hoffman as a man dressing up as a woman. It took a while to sort this out...but never fear, we're straight on this now.

I hope you enjoy these posts. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun for the two of us, even if no one reads it. A lot of what we discuss will be pop-culture oriented. Some will be current events, and a lot of it will be non-sense. But take heart, it will always have a little bit of Ber and Sass in each post!

Berge wanted me to post this photo. Peace out!

How it all started...

About a year ago I had the brilliant idea that the Sass and I should do a podcast. I mean I'm just stating truth here we're hilarious and people need to be exposed to it. The truth is I have always wanted to be a radio personality...I mean I know good music people and I would actually talk about things people want to hear. This is all about making us famous, why would people not want to inquire about the lives of Baby Ber and Sassy Mac?

So after realizing the podcast thing was just too difficult and recording many conversations on a tape recorder (not illegal sass) I decided we will just blog. So here we go peeps, get ready.

I will leave you with a little candy for your ears...