Thursday, February 11, 2010

Handicapped Poser

This is Amber posting not Sarah...I know you are all like who the heck. Promise I am the co-blogger to this account. Anyway I thought this msn messenger chat was pretty funny and should be posted. So I used to have a boot on my foot and had one of those handicap things you hang from your mirror. I took full advantage of the handicap luxuries when I wore the boot. I mean that boot was was justified guys, I was even on crutches at one point if that helps my point. Anyway my co-worker was making fun of me only using the handicap bathroom stall at work and still using the handicap parking spot even tho I no longer have the boot. Sidenote there is not a handicapped person that works at my company.

Crystal says: is that way you insist on the first parking spot,t oo?
dude, you dont even have a sign on your car
we could totally report you.
Amber says: i'm not really insisting homie...who's parking there??? NO ONE. and i do still have the sign if i need to start using it again
Crystal says:when i go to the publix, and there is NO ONE using that spot, do you think it's acceptible for me to park there?
Amber says: NO
Crystal says: how is this different?
Amber says: this ain't publix
how many peeps you see walkin up in here handicapped
Crystal says: what if someone from American prinitng came and was injured, do you thinkthey should have to park out back?
injured. injured, baaad
Amber says: they should call ahead...just sayin
Crystal says: you're redic
i don't know what to do with you
you are soo an only child!!!!
Amber says: dude i can't help it the rents didn't have more
its like in my blood
Crystal says: i guess...

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