Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Real World: Baton Rouge

So Bob, Kay and I surprised John for his 8.5th birthday! We moseyed on down to Red Stick after Greg so graciously planned everything. A few notes of the weekend:

- On the drive down I-55 just outside of Jackson, I smelled a burning odor and asked Bob what he thought it might be. His response? Burning chicken feathers. What? You've smelled chicken feathers burning? He claims he has.

- Baton Rouge is surprisingly like Jackson, only with a really large college in the middle of the city.

- I ate crawfish at two meals on Saturday....once fried in a po'boy, once boiled in a huge tray all for the eating. And eat I did. My love for mudbugs was something unknown to my family. GET TO KNOW ME!

- Here's the kicker...You may see the McDonnell clan on next season of The Real World: New Orleans. Apparently, one of the Miss. State basketball players knows one of the girls on the new season. So she and another girl from the house (you know the lingo) sat in our section. We didn't know why these cameras were following these random girls. Somehow we find out that it's for MTV's The Real World. They are filming a second season in The Big Easy, this time after Katrina. Of course we have to explain what we're talking about. Kay claims she's never heard of this. She then proceeds to tell us that we shouldn't know what it is either and that she knows that we used to watch it in her house even though it wasn't allowed.

Of all the nerve! Truth be told, we did watch MTV even though we were forbidden to. One time I walked in on my dad watching Singled Out. I told him that I was going to tell Kay and he begged me not to since she'd have the cable taken out. Hilarious.

Back to the subject, you may want to watch the next season as there were multiple times one or two of us were on camera. Kay even strategically placed herself behind one of the girls for a while. She's "taking a picture of the scoreboard"...at least that's what she'd say.

- Story of the weekend: Bob is a trickster. He and Kay met in the early 70s when he still had dark hair and a spring in his step. Apparently, he convinced Kay that he was Jewish for the first few months of their relationship. He went to the trouble to drive her by the Jewish synagogue, talking of Jewish holidays and the such. So for months, she's believing he's of the Hebrew nation. Until one family dinner at her grandmother's house, Bob got asked what religion he was. He replied "Episcopalian". I guess he felt obligated to tell the truth to the elderly. What ethics he has!


Anonymous said...

Well, little Missy, let's get it correct...it was not at one of my grandmother's houses, it was at your Nana's house on Thanksgiving. What was I supposed to think, dark hair, went by where he "worshipped", and to top it off he was pretty tight with the money! I had never been around anyone who worked so hard to "fib" to me. But, alas, I forgave him, married him and as they say...the rest is history.

You left out the little adventure at the restaurant. Or, are you saving that for later? I'll send you the pictures from my phone if you want me to.


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